Are you looking for a powerful POE build capable of handling most content in POE 3.22? Impending Doom Pathfinder is your best choice!

This build focuses on poison stacking and using Impending Doom Support related to Curse. Pathfinder Ascendancy also provides many improvements to the build. In this guide, we will cover all the key aspects of this build. You’ll learn how to make your character powerful enough to tank almost anything in the game.

Skill Itself

Our skill choice is Temporal Chains. Because this skill does no damage, we need to pair it with Impending Doom Support. When your curse expires on a target, it causes an explosion that deals Chaos damage. We also need to use Vixen’s Entrapment Unique Gloves, the build won’t work without this item. These two things are at the core of the build.

You will need to put your other curse spells into Vixen’s Entrapment. It’s important to note that which curse you cast first matters. You can choose here if you want more damage, survivability or POE Currency.

If you want to do more damage here, it will overwrite the curse you cast here every time you cast another curse to trigger Impending Doom. If you want more tanky, you can set penalties here.

Scaling Damage Beyond

In addition, we also got an Ascendancy node, Nature’s Reprisal. It will increase this Wither effect and give us the opportunity to cause a Wither. Because there is no good uptime when hitting, we need to use this Withering Step. This will instantly add 6 layers of Wither to the target.

We also use Anomalous version, which results in 2 additional Withers and improves quality with enhanced support. So, with just one button, we’re creating 9 layers of Wither overlay. This will increase our damage. And Doom Blast also applies more stacks.

How To Cast Your Spell?

When we cast a spell, we also trigger 3 other curses. This can be very mana intensive, and you won’t be able to sustain yourself in boss fights or even on the map. So we need to make every curse cost 0 mana.

We achieve this through mana cost crafting on rings and amulets. With all of this and the reduced mana cost on the flask, we can send spells all day long.

We also have an Eternal Blessing Support setting to get more Auras in the build. But this Aura consumes mana. Because we are not spending POE Currency to get alternative quality gems to reduce the mana cost to 0. Therefore, we need to use Eldritch Battery to cast our Eternal Blessing Aura.

Petrified Blood

If you haven’t used this Aura before, using Petrified Blood will restore us to over 50% of health without Life Flasks. But in exchange, we’ll stagger the percentage of damage taken, and it will damage us over 4 seconds.

But we had a baffling recovery from Ascendancy. Because we use Pathfinder, we can use a Master Surgeon node. This will keep our Life Flasks active if we reach full health. We’ve gained nearly 2k Life Regens from our Life Flasks alone, and that number keeps rising.

Also, it’s worth noting you can get higher quality Life Flasks for less POE Currency, giving you more recovery time


For defense we have Elemental Ailment Immunity. Because we used Unique Jewel, Ancestral Vision. Also, Spell Suppression is used to avoid Elemental Ailment.

Another best thing about this build is that we can convert almost all physical damage to elemental damage.

Because we treat so much damage as elemental damage, we can use all elemental damage reduction flasks. Includes Ruby, Topaz and Unique Sapphire Flask Taste of Hate. This way, we can reduce the extra damage taken when converting from physical damage to elemental damage.


Next, let’s talk about some of the unique POE items used in this build. Let’s start with our weapons.

First, Cane of Kulemak is a must-have for this build. But it requires two Support Gems to increase chaos damage. Although you may also get some chaos damage over time, but this is more expensive. So I chose 2 Divine Orbs, the lower budget version.

Next is Lightning Coil Unique Body Armor, which increases all your maximum resistance to corruption by 1%. This item is very cheap, costing me 30 Chaos Orbs. And this item does not require 6-Link, just use Crafting Bench.

There is one more important item. Without this item, the core of the build will not work. This is Vixen’s Entrapment Unique Gloves.

Passive Tree

Then I want to highlight some things needed to build on a passive tree. You can use 8 Passives Cluster Jewels with Wicked Pall, Unholy Grace and Unwaveringly Evil.

There are also two Medium Cluster Jewels, Brewed for Potency and Septic spells. They’re easy to make and only require 30-40 Chaos Orbs.

The remaining jewels are rare and take damage from Chaos damage over time. But you can still collect this area of damage fractured Jewels and use them to rebuild your life.


  • First Lab: We took Nature’s Reprisal and gave it a boost with Toxic Rain. So this node was a significant change early on.
  • Second Lab: We use Nature’s Adrenaline to generate enough Flask Charges.
  • Third Lab: We take Master Toxicist, which gives poisons you apply during any flask effect a chance to do more damage.
  • Final Lab: We used a Master Surgeon. If you reach a full life, your life bottle is still active.

That’s it for my Impending Doom Pathfinder build guide. I’d like to know what you think of it and if this POE building guide is helpful to you. Looking forward to seeing you in the game.

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