Since tyres are the only component that comes in direct contact with the roads, they can get pretty dirty. Particularly, if you drive a lot in mud and sand. Off-road tyres are most suitable for such kinds of driving. You can research thoroughly, and decide which tyre will suit you best. You can now buy online tyres as well.

Did you know tyre care and cleanliness can impact your vehicle safety? Tyres have hubs, spokes, rims, and numerous other areas where rust can accumulate easily. Rust can make your tyres weak. That’s why you need to indulge in a vigorous tyre cleaning regimen for your tyres so there are fewer rust spots, as a result, safe tyres and cars.

Steps to Clean Your Tyres

Here is a simple 7-step guide you can follow to clean your tyres:

Prepare and Park Your Car 

The first thing you need to do is find a clean, flat surface. Away from the road, dirt, and debris. The area should be well-ventilated as well. Keep clean cloth pieces with you. One for drying and one for applying the cleaning solutions.

Make sure that the tyres have cooled when you begin your work.

Use a Hose to Pressure Off the Dirt

You would want to use a high-setting hosepipe. Because pressure will clear off the dirt. Also, the hose will let you fully clean from all areas and angles of the tyres.

Use Hard and Soft Bristle Brushes to Wash

To scrub the tyre rims, use a soft-bristled brush. And use a hard bristled brush to clean the hard dirt from the tyres and tyre treads. First of all, you should clean the tyre so no dirt runs down the clean-washed tyres. Keep the tyres wet so you can easily remove as much dirt from the tyres as possible.

Use Microfiber Cloth to Dry

Use a microfiber cloth to dry both the tyre and the tyre rim. This fabric is substantially better than the normal rags because they fully absorb all the water and do not rub it on the wheel face, which can hinder wax application.

Apply Wax

Optional, you can use wax on your tyres. Make sure that the tyres have fully dried when you use wax. Tyre wax application is the same as car wax. You will have to use a wax pad to apply it on the tyre. After applying a clean coating, remove any excess to prevent discoloration. Leave it to dry.

Tyre Dressing

This is another optional step. You can use tyre dressing. It is a water-based solution that makes the tyre look darker and shinier, seemingly giving it a newer appearance. Apply the recommended number of coats to leave to dry.

Perform all the steps on each separate tyre at a time. Move on to the next tyre when one is done. Following this tyre care and cleaning, regimen will keep your tyres clean and shiny. They will also last longer. Tyre needs care and attention to last for longer. If you are on the lookout for premium tyres, buy Pirelli tyres from an authentic dealer for an incredible driving experience.

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