Gangnam is the vibrant district of the city of Seoul and is famous for its luxurious bars and nightlife experiences. From luxurious cocktail lounges to bars, there are so many options to visit in this famous district to get a memorable experience. 

But you don’t know that many luxurious bars offer discounts on membership. This guide is designed to help you explore the reasons why Gangnam 10% Membership Bar offers discounts, and we will also discuss the types of membership benefits. 

Why High-End Bars Offer Discount Memberships:

High-class bars in Gangnam offer discounts and memberships to attract more people. The memberships of bars provide a valuable and memorable experience to all customers. Also, it helps customers to come back to get more perks. 

Types of Membership Perks:

The following are some types of membership perks which may vary according to each bar:


The major perk of getting a membership is the discount on the total bill. This discount may be fixed for members or on the drinks. 

Priority Access: 

Some high-class bars allow members to access the bars during peak hours or busy nights. So it ensures that members don’t need to wait in the lines. 

Exclusive Events: 

Through membership, you can enjoy events like cocktail gatherings, concerts and themed parties. 

Personalized Recommendations: 

The skilled bartenders of Gangnam 10% membership bar offer customized drink recommendations according to your taste. 

Reserved Seating: 

Membership of the bar allows you to reserve your seat in the crowded nights. 

How to Obtain a Discount Membership:

Getting membership from high-class bars in Gangnam is not a difficult process. However, the following are steps to get a discount membership:

Visit the Bar: 

Visit the bar where you are likely to enjoy it and ask the owner about the membership policy. Commonly, bars have a skilled staff to guide you about membership. 

Provide Information: 

After accepting the membership policy, you have to provide the necessary information, such as name, contact information, and identification proof. 

Fill Out an Application: 

After providing all the details, you have to fill out the form to become officially enrolled in the program. 

Receive Your Membership: 

After approval of the application, you can get a membership card. Keep this card safe and enjoy many benefits of membership. 

Examples of Gangnam’s High-End Bars with Discount Memberships:

Gangnam Ten5: 

This is a luxurious bar with a vibrant ambience and different membership programs with discounts and recommendations. 

Luxury Lounge Seoul: 

This bar is situated in the centre of Gangnam and provides many discounts such as VIP treatment, seating, and more. 

The Red Velvet Lounge: 

This bar is famous for its curating cocktails and membership benefits such as drinks, discounts and more. 

The Wine Cellar: 

This stylish bar is famous for giving membership discounts on wines, seating, and events. 


Discovering the charm of Gangnam’s 10% membership bar gives you an unbeatable experience. Whether you are a local or a traveller, there are so many benefits to getting a membership. So you must get a membership to save your money and get a lot of perks. If you have decided to visit Gangnam bars, never skip taking a membership and its discounts. 

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