Side-by-sides offer numerous benefits. They give you ample options for both recreational and utilitarian use. They can handle heavy loads, tow trailers, and manage different types of terrain with ease. Besides that, they’re fun to drive. Whether you’re bouncing down a backwoods trail or going airborne for a moment courtesy of a rock or bump in the road, they make for plenty of entertainment. 

Despite all their strong suits, they’re not really considered street legal in their factory form. You can make them legal for use on the roads, though. Why would you want to do that? Having a street legal utv can give you even more advantages than these vehicles have to offer in the first place. 

Enhanced Utility

For one, making your UTV street legal can make it more useful. It’ll give you added flexibility to transition from trails and private property to public roads and vice-versa. You won’t have to tow or haul the UTV to your destination, offload it, load supplies onto it, and then carry out your mission. Instead, you can simply load it down and take off. That could save a great deal of time and effort while improving your productivity.

Having More Fun

Of course, if you’re using the UTV for recreational purposes, making it street legal will give you more time and opportunities to have fun. You’ll be able to explore new areas and take your side-by-side to places you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Whether you’re planning a camping trip, going sightseeing, sneaking away for a quiet picnic, or taking your grandchildren on a little adventure, having a street-legal UTV can add to the experience. All the while, you’ll be able to enjoy the freedom of not having to haul your UTV to your destination and back again.

Efficiency and Cost Advantages

Additionally, making your UTV legal to operate on the roads can help you save money on fuel. Using a side-by-side for short rides is bound to be more cost-effective than driving a standard passenger vehicle. You won’t be placing as much wear and tear on your primary vehicle, either. That could save you money on maintenance and repairs over time. Save your car, truck, or SUV for longer trips, and let the UTV be your short-distance ride. If you ever decide to sell your UTV, those modifications can boost its value too. 

Reduced Environmental Impact

Modifying your side-by-side for street use can lower your carbon footprint as well. They generate fewer emissions than passenger vehicles, so you won’t be creating as much pollution when you take short trips. Conserving fuel comes into play here too. You’ll be saving yourself money while also saving the planet for future generations. As a result, the off-road sites you enjoy visiting in your UTV will remain beautiful and scenic well into the future. 

Added Safety

Making a UTV street legal can also make it safer. To ensure it’s qualified for street use, certain modifications need to be made, like adding headlights, taillights, brake lights, turn signals, and mirrors. It must have seat belts and may need other added safety features as well depending on the state in which you’re operating it. All those features make the vehicle more visible to others and help to prevent injuries. 

Taking Your UTV to the Streets

Though UTVs offer an array of benefits, making one street legal can bring even more advantages to the mix. It’ll give you added safety, greater efficiency, more usefulness, and extra versatility. It’ll also give you more opportunities to enjoy the vehicle while potentially reducing your impact on the environment. It can help you save money as well. If you’re ready to make the most of your side-by-side, getting it ready for the road is a great way to do it. 

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