To bet on cyber sports and win, you don’t necessarily need a thorough understanding of the disciplines. It’s enough to understand the basics, get the right strategy and be patient at

Like classic sports, cyber is only partially predictable. Therefore, it is important to remember that there are no win-win tactics in it, which means that you should not choose betting as a way to earn money.

How to bet on cyber sports: basic rules

Whether you bet on Dota2, CS:GO, League of legends or other games, small tournaments are best avoided. The smaller the tournament, the weaker and more unstable the teams and therefore the results. It is better to take only the top events and lead several teams during the season. That is, choose three or four teams and watch them at each tournament.

The best option is strong middleweights. They are always motivated and less likely to lose ground relative to their level. To identify them, study the results of recent tournaments. The right teams usually finish in 4th-6th place.

Another important rule is to skip the first matches of competitions. Even the most prestigious ones. Look at the form in which the teams approached the tournament. Often, even after a short break, the squad needs time to play, and that time comes right at the start of the series.

Bet on those who play predictably. If a team does well against equals, but loses to outsiders, it is better not to take matches with its participation.

Cybersports: how to determine the favorite of the meeting

To understand which lineup is the favorite, you need to:

  1. study the statistics of personal meetings between the teams and the statistics of their games with the same opponents.
  2. Check news about substitutions and other negative factors.
  3. Find out how prestigious the team’s place was at the last competition.

If the team played better than usual in the previous event, this is no reason to consider it a favorite. Big achievements take too much effort even from the tops, not to mention the middles. Expecting a repeat triumph from the latter is wrong, as well as charging a significant part of the bank on their victory. Remember: an average team is an average result.

Cybersport betting strategy

Since we are talking about cybersports in general, here we will briefly outline the sequence of actions for a successful bet and mention one more important nuance.

In order to increase the chance of winning in cybersports, you need to:

Choose a discipline – find the results of the last major tournament – identify strong middles – study the news for negative factors – study the statistics of personal meetings with potential opponents – skip the first matches of a new tournament or watch their results if the tournament has already started – check with expectations – bet in case of a match.

Minimal doubts are a reason to skip. Bet only as much as you are not afraid to lose, and do not resort to “catch-up”. Impulsive play leads to loss of money and pleasure from the process.

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