Summers in the UAE can go as high as 50°C. Such temperatures can wreak havoc on car tyres. Since tyres come in direct contact with sweltering roads, they can get extremely hot. The summer heat degrades the tyre rubber which can lead to a blowout. Even though tyre maintenance is crucial in both summer and winter, one should never overlook tyre maintenance during summer whether you buy online tyres UAE or a physical store.

What Happens to Tyres in Summers?

Here is what happens to your tyres during the hot harsh summers of UAE:

Tyre Cracking

Tyre rubber contains oil that evaporates during hot summers. This leads to Dry Rot, which is the sidewall cracking. As a result, the tyres become dry and are prone to get cracked. This increases the chances of tyres getting burst.


Tyres create a lot of friction as they scrape against the asphalt. This also heats up the tyres. If you tend to drive fast usually, then friction can get terribly dangerous for your tyres.

Essential Tyre Care Tips

Despite the hot weather, here are a few regular practices you can follow to maintain your tyres. Regular tyre maintenance can save you from the cost of buying new tyres, optimize fuel efficiency, and extend their life.

Checking Tyre Pressure Regularly

You should check tyre pressure regularly. Tyres are susceptible to getting over-inflated during summers because of high temperatures and road friction. These tend to cause blowouts and dangerous accidents. It is imperative to maintain the right tyre pressure at all times.

Tyre Alignment and Balance

To ensure optimal performance, proper alignment and balance of your car tyres are necessary, regardless of the weather. However, if you drive more in the summer, correct tyre alignment becomes inevitable to prevent your car from getting pulled to one side of the ride, a dangerous occurrence. Misalignment and poor balance can cause uneven tread wear.

Don’t Overspeed

If you want to go on an adventurous road trip, summer is not a good time to do so. High speed paired with a high temperature is a disastrous combination for your tyres. For instance, speeding during summer increases the tyre temperature by 10° C.

Inspect Tyre Condition

High temperatures can cause damage to both external and internal components of tyres if you fail to maintain them. Experts recommend regular tyre inspections to prevent potential issues. Hot weather damages the sidewalls of tyres as the rubber tends to expand during the summer.

Avoid Driving Lengthy Distances

If you are fond of traveling and enjoy road trips, you should take a break from them during summer as the heated roads can increase chances of getting a flat tyre if you drive for longer without using a brake. The brake helps in getting the tyres and other car parts to cool down, lessening the chances of getting a flat tyre.

You should always stay on top of your tyre maintenance as dealing with tyre issues during summer can be costly. Summer heat can affect tyre health and increase the chances of getting a flat tyre and blowout. Invest in top quality Michelin Tyres UAE, and opt for their summer tyre range for comfortable and safe summer.

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