Do you know what’s free in life and can really light up your home? Natural light! You can play with it to make even the most compact spaces appear and feel bigger. 

A well-lit home not only appears welcoming but also significantly improves our overall health. Natural light has a wealth of advantages that go beyond aesthetics. People living in cities like Lexington, who enjoy 190 days of sun, should make the most of this time and enjoy the perks of natural light even when they are inside!

From improving mood to reducing energy costs, enhancing sunlight in your house can be a game changer. Continue reading to find suggestions for letting more natural light into your home.

Let’s explore some practical tips for making your home brighter. 

  • Install A Picture Window

Installing a full-sized picture window in a room is one of the artistic techniques to maximize natural light. The sunshine can liven up any enclosed room and is a great trick to brighten up dull walls. Indoor areas with picture windows feel airy and vibrant. It becomes even better if your picture window looks into a beautiful scene. Moreover, did you know that according to a report published by THEBCO, window replacements are considered upscale projects, and you can recoup 75.8% of the installation cost when you’re selling?

In a city like Lexington, where home prices are already up by 3.7% compared to last year, installing picture windows can probably make your home sell faster whenever you decide to put it on the market.

However, to get the job done right, you may need to find a reputable window replacement company. Search online with keywords like Lexington window replacement experts near me to find a reliable and affordable service with top ratings. 

  • Paint The Walls White

The best approach to increase natural light in your house is to paint the walls white. White walls reflect light nicely and dispel the shadows. Dark-coloured walls can make a space feel confined. 

The brightness in the house increases with the number of white walls. Even if your home has a single window to let the sunlight in, it will significantly enhance the light that reflects off the white walls. If you do not prefer white walls, use pastel tones or neutral colors.

  • Add A Terrace Or Balcony

Adding a terrace to your home is a brilliant way to enhance the flow of natural light into your living area. Enclosed or open, balconies act as an extension of your house, bringing sunlight inside. 

A balcony gives you an outside space with direct access to the sun so you may enjoy natural light without leaving your house. This additional space not only improves your quality of life but also provides the ideal location for sipping your morning coffee or cultivating a small garden, strengthening your connection to nature.

  • Change The Curtains

If you feel that your house needs a little more sunlight and that the amount entering is not in proportion to your windows, it might be time to replace the curtains. 

Choose sheer curtains for your home. These are made from lightweight, transparent material that works as an excellent light filter, meaning that sheer curtains permit natural light into your space; however, the fabric works as a light diffuser, which helps soften the sunlight. They add an elegant appearance to your bedroom or living room while letting the natural light in. Honeycomb blinds can also be used to accomplish the same result.

  • Light Coloured Floors Are Great!

Choosing light-colored flooring in your house is a strategic way to amplify the influx of natural light. Light hues, including soft grey tiles, pale hardwood, or light-colored carpets, can reflect and bounce sunlight throughout your living area. It will offer an overall brighter and more inviting ambiance. Lighter floors improve the illumination while making your rooms appear more spacious.

Now that we’ve shared the tips for improving natural light indoors let’s look at why natural light is so vital in our homes.

  • Natural Light Promotes Productivity 

Natural lighting can help boost your mood and productivity. According to research on workplace wellness, air quality, and natural lighting are the two essential elements that affect employee wellness. In modern work environments, these environmental factors are often overlooked.

If you are working from home, increasing the natural light influx in your workspace may help improve your focus and boost productivity. 

  • Offers Various Health Benefits

Natural light is of paramount importance for your physical and mental well-being. One of its most essential functions is the production of Vitamin D, a nutrient vital for a robust immune system, strong bones, and overall good health. 

Sunlight can also have a positive impact on skin conditions such as psoriasis. A study suggests that many individuals suffering from psoriasis experienced an improvement in their plaques throughout the summer or if they lived in sunny locations. It is because the sun emits two types of ultraviolet rays known as UVA and UVB. One of these emissions (UVB) helps to decrease the rate of skin cell turnover and offers anti-inflammatory properties. 

Research suggests that greater access to natural light can also decrease levels of stress and agitation. For people with seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which is associated with lower sunlight exposure, increasing natural light in their homes may help alleviate symptoms like irritability, difficulty concentrating, and loss of pleasure. 

  • Lowers energy costs

There are more reasons for natural light to be used in your home than only to make it brighter. 

Natural light can reduce the demand for artificial lighting, making it an energy-efficient and cost-effective strategy. Bringing sunlight into your home through windows and other sources creates a sun-washed space that is ideal for relaxing, enjoying a drink, or reading a book while lowering your electricity costs.

  • Indoor Plants Can Flourish

Give indoor plants enough natural light, and they will thrive. Indoor plants can enhance the aesthetics of your living space and offer several health advantages, including alleviating stress levels, improving your focus and productivity, and speeding up your recovery from an illness. 


The power of natural light in our homes cannot be overstated. From improved health to enhanced mood and creating a more inviting living space, increasing natural light in your home can have numerous benefits. With the practical tips outlined in this article, you can create an atmosphere that not only looks beautiful but also promotes your physical and psychological health. So, make the most of your windows and let the sunshine in — it is the easiest way to amplify your home and quality of life. 

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