If you own or manage a business, you know that you need to capture your target audience’s attention as quickly and compellingly as possible, whether you’re setting up a major event or you just want more observers to notice your facility. Yes, you can use all manner of digital marketing techniques to raise your brand awareness or promote something specific, but sometimes you just need to grab those eyeballs as people pass by your building or trade show booth.

Custom-printed vinyl banners can prove ideal for these purposes — but only if you understand what they can do and how to make full use of them. Before you leap into this form of marketing, here’s what you should know about vinyl banner printing in Eagle, Idaho.

Vinyl’s Impressive Benefits

Why does vinyl make such a desirable material for the creation and printing of oversized banners? First and foremost, it’s highly durable. A high-quality, 100-percent vinyl banner can hold up beautifully despite years of punishment, from periodic rolling and unrolling to continuous onslaughts from sun, wind, dust, and rain.

This extra durability also means extra cost-effectiveness. Why keep discarding and replacing banners made from flimsier materials when you can make a one-time investment that provides years of service? Even if those flimsier materials cost less upfront, those costs will add up as they keep falling apart or fading in the sun.

Vinyl also gives you versatility. Even the largest vinyl banner is relatively lightweight compared to solid, permanent signage options. That means you can take your vinyl banner down at any time, for any reason, and move it from one high-visibility site to another (either indoors or outdoors) at a moment’s notice. The ability to take a vinyl banner down for storage can also extend the banner’s life even further.

How, When, and Where to Use Vinyl Banners

The particular qualities of vinyl banners make them an ideal solution to many kinds of marketing challenges and opportunities; in fact, the sheer range of vinyl banners’ applications just might astonish you. Consider the value of vinyl banners for the following needs and scenarios.

  • Outdoor branding and advertising – An oversized vinyl banner suspended over your storefront can make a dramatic statement. A bright, easy-to-read vinyl banner can announce that you’re open for business, remind established customers that you’re there, and call attention to any special deals you’re currently running. You might even get permission to hang a vinyl banner from an overpass as an alternative to buying billboard space.
  • Indoor guidance and direction – Vinyl banners work just as well indoors as outdoors. Hang them in strategic parts of your building to help visitors find their way to a particular department, conference, or amenity. They’re especially useful for guiding people through temporary setups such as conventions.
  • Event marketing – Does your organization regularly make the rounds at trade shows, expos, and other public events? If so, vinyl banners can help you stand out in the crowd. Drape them across your event table and/or suspend them from the back wall of your booth.

Vinyl Banner Printing Considerations

All vinyl banners are not created equal. If you plan on creating one (or several) for your company, you’ll want to keep the following vinyl banner printing considerations in mind.

  • Size – Bigger is usually better when it comes to vinyl banner printing and display. The larger your banner, the more readily people can see it and absorb your message. While not all printers can deliver oversized banners, inkr Printing can create vinyl banners up to 16 feet by eight feet in size.
  • Fonts – The biggest vinyl banner in the world won’t do much for you if your target audience can’t read what’s on it. Go for large print and clean, simple, sans-serif fonts for maximum readability. Fewer words also make for less of a jumble.
  • Image resolution – If you’ve ever cringed at how messy a thumbnail image looks when blown up, you can understand how important image resolution is when we’re talking about a banner several feet tall. Our graphic design team can help you select high-resolution images that will look sharp and clear on your prospective banner.
  • Color scheme – The colors you choose for your vinyl banner printing project make as much impact on your banner’s effectiveness as size and font selection. On the traditional color wheel used by artists, the colors opposite to each other on the wheel offer the boldest contrasts, while colors close to each other on the wheel complement each other. Choose bold, contrasting colors for fonts so they’ll “pop” against the background color instead of simply disappearing into it. Before submitting your own design to the printer, remember to convert any RGB images to the CMYK color palette used in print production.
  • Finish – Vinyl banners can come in gloss or matte finishes. If you plan to hang your banner indoors under optimal lighting conditions, a matte finish will save you some money. However, if your banner must withstand the elements for years at a time, a matte finish will provide superior performance.
  • Attachments – Last but not least, you’ll want to make sure that you can secure your vinyl banner to a wall or ceiling easily. Unless you’re always going to be draping the banner across a flat indoor surface, choose a design that features built-in grommets. You can then run a sturdy rope or cable through the grommets and tie off your banner practically anywhere.

Extending the Life of Your Vinyl Banner

As durable as your vinyl banner may be, you can make it last even longer and keep it looking beautiful with some basic care. Indoor vinyl banners usually require nothing more than a monthly cleaning with water and a little dish soap, while outdoor banners tend to require more frequent cleaning. When storing your banner, always roll it up loosely instead of folding it, which can leave wrinkles.

Let Our Vinyl Banners Give Your Business a Boost

Now that you have a clearer understanding of how vinyl banners work and what makes an effective vinyl banner, it’s time to select a professional printer who can bring your plans and goals to eye-catching life. inkr Printing has the skilled personnel, creative expertise, and large-format printing technology you need to give your business a welcome boost. Click here to learn more about how we can solve your vinyl banner printing needs.

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