You are not alone if you are considering pursuing an education through a program at Boise State University. Many ambitious college graduates prefer Boise State University, which is one of the Northwest’s most prestigious and well-known collegiate institutions. Boise State University degrees offer plenty of options for anyone looking to further their education. 

How You Can Get Started 

The first step toward a brighter future starts with deciding on a career path. Then, you can look for degrees that align with your goals. Boise State offers over 100 unique programs to help make your dreams a reality. 

Whether you are a recent college graduate or a professional exploring master’s degrees, we have a space for you to study, learn, and grow. 

Boise State University: Opening the Door Through Online Education

Because Boise State University offers almost 100 online degrees, it’s simple to find a subject you are interested in, a job that fits your skills, or even just one online class. What level of degree do you want to get? An associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree, or a graduate degree? We can help at Boise State University!

Once you’ve chosen Boise State as your school and program, you should find out what the requirements are. You may need to include test scores, references, essay requirements, and other things that are needed for the application. Letters of recommendation can also significantly increase your chances of getting accepted.

How to Apply

The Boise State University Applications Department handles all school applications. Please include official transcripts and other documentation with your undergraduate or graduate application. During office hours, the Applications/Admissions Department can help with questions.

Prospective students should submit their applications for their preferred online degree programs as soon as possible. Officials at Boise State say that just because you get in, doesn’t mean you’ll get into the program or degree you want.

This further demonstrates the significance of the aforementioned analysis of program specifications. The application deadlines for the program should also be noted.

Start Your Professional Journey With an Associate’s Degree

There are numerous benefits to pursuing an associate degree online. You have complete control over your schedule, so you can keep up with all your responsibilities while getting a quality education.

The student body at BSU is very multicultural. Working adults, recent high school graduates, and parents with young children all enroll here to take charge of their professional futures.

Boise State University is prepared to assist you in advancing your education. Currently seeking employment? Are you a senior in high school who is considering taking college courses online? Then you can start right where you are.

Studying online means you can start working on your degree right away, regardless of where you are in life or where you are physically located. Online programs at Boise State University offer students not only a degree that will make a difference in their lives but also the convenience, flexibility, and accessibility that come along with it.

Exploring Bachelor Degrees

A four-year degree is the foundation of a lifelong career. Whether you are passionate about business, English, teaching, or technology, BSU has dozens of courses that can prepare you to enter the workforce. 

The best part about earning your bachelor’s degree online is that you call the shots. Study on your own terms, not a school schedule. The only thing you need to prioritize is deadlines, which serve as guides to help you stay on track.

Some of the bachelor’s degree programs you can earn entirely online at BSU include:

  • Applied Science
  • Art and Digital Innovation + Design
  • Integrated Strategic Communications
  • Interdisciplinary Professional Science 
  • Business Administration Management 
  • Project Management 
  • Respiratory Care 
  • RN to BSN 

Going the Extra Mile With a Master’s Degree

Graduate degrees are the next step up for your career. By earning a master’s, you can increase your earning potential and open the door for many more opportunities. Whether you want to change fields or become an expert in your current industry, an online master’s degree can make a huge difference. 

Master’s degree programs are often balanced with work, so online programs are optimized to support your busy schedule.

Delve into the particulars of a specialty, or prepare to assume a leadership or management role in your current field. A master’s degree is the best way to increase your career opportunities while developing new skills.

Pursue a Doctoral Degree in Educational Technology or Nursing Leadership

BSU offers two doctoral programs entirely online. The educational technology program prepares administrators and professionals to navigate the complex digital landscape of modern education. 

For nursing professionals, the nursing leadership DNP offers you the opportunity to balance in-person and online lessons with ease. You will learn with a group of other nurses who support one another along their journey. 

How to Get Started 

Your academic career at BSU begins with an application. All school applications are handled by the Boise State University Applications Department. Submit your undergraduate or graduate forms for consideration, along with all official documents, like your transcripts. You can reach out to the Admissions Department anytime you have questions. 

Getting accepted is typically a straightforward, easy process. We are here to help you every step of the way. Once you have submitted your application and appropriate paperwork, you will receive a decision in a few business days. 

Why Choose an Online Degree Program?

Getting your degree online has many advantages. You can manage your time effectively to get a good education and fulfill your other commitments with ease. 

Working adults, recent high school graduates, and parents with young children all enroll at BSU to take charge of their professional futures.

When you study online, you get access to a library of helpful information, an expert faculty, and a flexible schedule to make your life easier. The entire team is here to support your success. 

If you are interested in a degree program at BSU, click here to learn more! You can always reach out to the school with any questions about a program that interests you.

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