Healthcare hiring, and hiring in general, has come a long way, since the days of candidates having to drop off a resume followed by a lengthy waiting process. This is still common practice in some industries, but there’s an increasing shift towards more effective hiring processes.

RPO is one of these hiring processes that aim to refine the recruitment process and offer multiple benefits for all parties involved. But why use it for healthcare hiring? Here are seven reasons:

1. Recruitment as It’s Meant to Be

As far as doing recruitment the right way, you need a team whose sole focus is getting fitting talent for your business – that’s what RPO is all about. RPO recruiters are there to handle nothing else but recruitment. No onboarding, training, payroll, HR compliance, etc. – just recruiting.

That laser focus means only one thing – RPO for healthcare improves the quality of hires, especially when sourced from a result-focused provider like Kinetix.

2. Better Candidate Fit

Your organization has a culture and related requirements that all employees should be part of. When selecting candidates, a healthcare institution should pick candidates who will fit best into their culture and way of working.

RPO providers have enough time and skill to pick the best-fit candidate.

3. Attrition Is Expensive

Selecting the right candidates helps to avoid high attrition rates, an occurrence that is usually more expensive than it seems. When “wrong hires” are few and far between, the costs related to attrition can go down by a great percentage.

4. Lovely Candidate Experience

The candidate’s experience in your recruitment process is one of the most important aspects of the process. A positive experience results in a growing number of applicants who want to join your healthcare organization after doing their pre-application research.

An RPO provider strives to offer the best candidate experience with long-term success in mind.

5. Access to Customized Solutions

RPO providers focus on more than just completing the hiring process. They are aware that each company, even in the same healthcare field, has unique challenges and requirements.

An RPO company will strive to understand the needs of your company and offer bespoke hiring solutions. Thanks to recruiters who have years of experience in different fields and have worked with multiple clients, you can rely on those solutions to deliver the best results.

6. Good Scalability (When You Need It)

Should your healthcare business or organization need to hire fast, you need to be sure that you can do so with ease. A healthcare RPO provider gives you the flexibility that you need in hiring.

Whenever you need to increase your hiring volumes, they have the staff to facilitate such needs, and then you can scale down when things are back to normal. Typically, RPO providers ramp up hiring faster than in-house teams because they have access to talent communities and pipelining. These providers are so flexible that they can even “turn off” when you no longer need them or offer project-based hiring support.

7. Expansive outreach

If your recruiters are only focused on filling the open positions, you may miss out on connecting with the untapped resources. Community organizations, colleges, networking groups, and workforce centers are all great examples of untapped sources of quality talent.

Thanks to the new connections, your business will switch to a passive search for candidates who will be ready to respond to the opportunities that you offer when they come up.

Additionally, most RPO providers can engage recruitment consultants on a global scale so that you work with employees from the geographical region of your choice. Thanks to this extensive coverage, you will always have the most appropriate talent for your establishment.


In a “war for top talent”, you have to be clever about your talent acquisition strategy. Consider the process of acquiring the most suitable candidate as a sales endeavor.

In that case, RPO providers are the skilled salespeople that you engage to sell candidates on why they should grow with your company.

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